Patrick Berger started a private collection with great love for modernist and early 20th century lighting. In an old warehouse in the Canal district of Amsterdam, the collection started growing and growing and Growing. Assisted by craftsmen, it is now being archived and prepared for exhibition, sale and rent. Patrick continues the hunt for special pieces.

Born in 1976, Den Haag. Patrick is a spirited man who has lived on his family estate in the Dutch country site for many years, producing art and studying plant medicine and energetic healing. While turning his Amsterdam apartment into one big piece of art, he became interested in lighting design. Patrick enjoys the hunt for light sculptures as much as the aesthetic quality of his collection and now, sharing it with the world.

We offer custom sales, rent and lent arrangements for interior designers, architects and stylists alike. Are you a hotel, restaurant or retail store owner/manager? We love to get our collection and name out there…

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